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Submission to R-TT Web Directory is pretty standard but, with an innovative twist.

When it was first launched, the R-TT Web Directory was designed as a link exchange, much as many similar web directories and online resources are today. The goal of these traditional web directories is to get as many text backlinks as possible from third party websites. This strategy worked effectively for some time. But times change, search engine algorithms change and companies must change their search engine optimization (SEO) strategy in order to stay competitive. Now, we are bringing you a new design and a new concept for free website promotion and search engine marketing.

Here`s our idea: instead of requiring a reciprocal link on your website or charging a monthly, quarterly or annual fee to include your website in our listing, we`ll publish your website text link on our directory page absolutely FREE. Not only do we waive the requirement of adding a backlink to our directory on your site, we also refrain from using the "no follow" parameter that most free resources include. In other words, we provide "do follow" links to your website, which allows the benefits of our link authority to be passed on to your website.

What`s the catch? All we ask is that you supply your listing along with a 100+ word unique text description that introduces your business, products or services.

It`s pretty simple. We get a quality contribution to our web directory, and you get a quality text link in a relevant subcategory from a webpage with unique content. Our directory pages have just the right text to external links ratio, so the search engine spiders place a high value on your backlink. These incoming links to your website will boost your search engine ranking position for your targeted keywords in ways that your internal and navigational links cannot. And because our website directory is curated and carefully quality controlled, you`ll experience a more profound effect on your search engine ranking than you would if you submitted your site to a low quality link exchange. Such cheap link schemes contribute little to the web, and Google and other search providers purposefully skip them over.

Spend a few minutes and get a reliable text link to your website without any further obligations.

Once you have submitted a website to our directory, the website content will be reviewed by our editorial staff to ensure that it meets our policies. Depending on volume of submissions, it may take a couple hours or more before your submission is reviewed. Please do not submit the same website more than once. Different web pages within the same website or domain can be submitted only if they have significantly different content and thus belong in a different category. When your submission is approved, your website will be listed and you`ll get a listing confirmation via e-mail. We do not accept sites that are "under construction," mirror sites, sites with a URL that redirects to another URL, sites with illegal or inappropriate content (pornography, racism, violence, intellectual property right infringement, etc.) or sites consisting mostly of links. Non-English sites with non-English description can be accepted at the discretion of our editorial staff to "Regional" categories only. You may use Google Translate option to provide a non-English site with an English description and place it to a related category.

Our directory`s motto is: "A quality listing for quality websites!"

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Make sure that you enter full URL, including http:// and www prefix if required.

If you have any questions during submission, please don`t hesitate to contact us at

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