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Welcome to the R-TT Web Directory!

The Internet is an immense and expanding universe. And while we’d like to say that it’s all killer and no filler, it’s clear to web denizens like you that that’s simply not true. From blatant spam to derivative rehashes of the same old outdated, uninspired or just plain misguided information, there are quite a bit of empty calories out there on the Internet. The explosion of information on the Web has created an interestingly paradoxical problem for the everyday user. Everything you could possibly want to know about anything—whether it’s a recipe for authentic German pretzels or the population of Timbuktu—is somewhere out there on the Web. But good luck finding it.

We’ve faced this frustration, too. Even though we consider ourselves considerably more web-savvy than the average Internet user, there are times that we’ve spent way more time tracking down a reliable source on the Web than anyone should. And that’s why we’ve created this web directory.

Consider the websites, links, articles, resources and companies you find in the R-TT Web Directory curated content. Just like the USDA carefully inspects the food that ends up on your plate to ensure that it’s high quality, safe and nutritious, we personally review every single website that is listed in our directory to ensure that it’s legitimate and substantive. In this way, the R-TT Web Directory exists to bring you the best of the Web without all the fluff.

Our website directory submission process is guided by rigorous standards which guarantee that only the highest quality, most authoritative content makes the cut. Our standards and policies also ensure that each website finds its home in the most relevant category and subcategory, making browsing more convenient for our users. Finding websites, information and businesses through the R-TT Web Directory is fundamentally different from diving headfirst into a search engine. Instead of searching for a needle in a haystack, we make finding useful websites more like choosing a tool from a toolbox. We’ve already collected the best of the best—all you have to do is tell us what you’re looking for.

Looking for Home Improvement tips, Do-It-Yourself repair tutorials or Healthy Recipes? Check out our Home directory for a complete listing of resources that will help you buy, sell, rent or maintain a home. Wondering about the side-effects of an over-the-counter medicine? Trying to decide where to take your next vacation? Got computer viruses? Check out our Health, Recreation and Software directories, respectively. Whatever you need from the Web, we can show you a reliable place to find it.

Of course, the R-TT Web Directory is, and always will be, a work in progress. Great websites, insightful articles and sticky blogs are being added to the Internet every day. That’s why we are constantly updating, amending, editing and revising our web listings. Do you have an excellent website that can make our user’s lives easier? Let us know. Submit your site and we’ll review it carefully. If it meets our standards, we’ll include it in the appropriate category in order to help your fellow web users find what they are looking for. Getting your website listed is absolutely free—all we ask is that you provide a unique, descriptive introduction to your site (100+ words) so that our users know what to expect when they click through to your website.

Life is too short to spend hours searching the Internet for reliable websites and information you can trust. Cut through the chatter by finding what you need through our web directory. The R-TT Web Directory is here to make browsing better, faster and smarter.

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