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Computers have fundamentally transformed nearly every aspect of human activity. Whether we are working, socializing, researching, studying, creating art, recording history or simply procrastinating, computers help us do it better and faster.
In our Computers Directory, you’ll find websites, resources and links that will help you understand, purchase and utilize computers more effectively, economically and securely. From the infinite vastness of the Internet to the complexities programming and security, our Computers Directory is a comprehensive database that serves as a starting point for beginners and advanced users alike.
Like any tool, the breadth and depth of technical intensiveness in which computer users engage varies widely. For most consumers, their knowledge need only cover the basics of shopping for a computer to meet their needs and, of course, operating and maintaining their machines. Today, the process of buying a computer has become as measured and heavily researched as purchasing a car. With literally hundreds of manufacturers to choose from—each of which offers numerous configurations, hardware and software options and other customizations—making the right choices as a consumer has become an increasingly arduous undertaking. Just like car buyers run the risk of buying a lemon off the lot, computer purchasers can potentially overpay for a machine with capabilities that exceed their needs or, on the other hand, mistakenly omit a component or compatibility feature that is vital to their computing experience.
But while there are some manufacturers that consistently outperform the competition in terms of price, performance and value, much of it comes down to personal preference. In the same way that some drivers prefer a manual over an automatic transmission, some computer users prefer Linux over Windows or Hewlett-Packard over ASUS. Because of this, buying a computer is largely a matter of defining your needs and preferences and identifying which companies deliver on those fronts.
After the daunting hurdle of choosing a computer is surmounted, then comes the endless pursuit of tweaks, tips and hacks that will help you tap the most productivity and enjoyment from your machine. For some, the way a computer works out of the box is sufficient—but others relish the ongoing optimization of their computing experience to the point that it becomes a pastime or even a profession. Like shopping for computers, customizing your computer once it’s yours opens the doors to a vast and personal universe of choices.
A computer is a deceptively simple device: it’s a machine that receives and stores input, processes data according to programmable rules and outputs data in a useful form. Through this functionality, computers have created an entirely new plane of existence. From the interconnectivity of the Internet to the malleable, yet resilient realm of digital media and storage, computers have undeniably changed the world. In this way, understanding computers is essential to understanding human society. Whether you’re editing a film, organizing photos, buying shoes online, headhunting for a top-level executive, tracing your genealogy or researching the long-term health implications of over-the-counter medications, computers are the gateway and medium.
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