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Even though the words “Internet” and “Intranet” sound the same, these two concepts are quite different. The Internet is a web of websites that anyone from anywhere in the world can access for free. An Intranet is a private and secure computer network that can only be accessed by certain users. Large corporations often use Intranets in order to keep information secure and protected. In fact, smaller businesses use Intranet as well. Employees can converse, send files, and conduct research using an Intranet, but the information that is shared is safe from outside eyes. Some companies use an Intranet network in order to encourage employee brainstorming. As employees learn and share knowledge with one another, new ideas can evolve. In turn, these ideas can be used to make a profit for any company.
Setting up an Intranet in your office is merely a matter of contacting a computer professional. Most professionals can securely arrange an Intranet network for you. You might also be able to construct an Intranet on your own, though this is not recommended unless you know all about security and safety. Otherwise, important files and information may be compromised. We gather and publish information about Intranet networks on our website. Inside of our Intranet Directory, you will find links and other helpful information about Intranet networks. You can also take a look at some popular corporate Intranet examples, and read books about Intranet networks. No matter what kind of Intranet you decide upon, make sure that your network is entirely secure by encrypting files, using passwords, and creating a virtual barrier that protects your business from the outside world.
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