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Hacking has existed for many years. In fact, the word “hacking” has been around since the early 1960s. Today, people who are unusually adept with computers are called “hackers.” Sometimes, the term hacker is synonymous with intruder, or someone who gains unauthorized access to a network, system or a machine. In the media, the term “hacking” tends to have a negative connotation. Many people who are considered hackers today participate in illegal activities. Some hackers break into other people’s computers while others break into entire networks. While hackers are often considered a blight to information technology systems, some hackers work to benevolently expose security holes and strengthen systems against future attacks.

The history of hacking is an interesting one. Spend some time learning about famous hackers, and you’ll also learn a lot about the evolution of the common computer system. The world of hacking changed entirely when the Internet was invented. Today, hackers of all kinds exist all across the world. Attempting to become a hacker is not recommended, though it is interesting to read about hackers. This is why we have gathered and posted information about hackers on our Hacking Directory page. We hope that you will find the details we’ve posted interesting and useful.
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