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Mankind has always been fascinated with building and creating artificial life. From Frankenstein to the creations of Isaac Asimov, artificial life is fascinating. If you’ve always dreamed of creating robots, you may want to consider studying robotics. Robotics is a discipline that’s closely related to engineering, but it is not quite engineering. Instead, robotics is the study and creation of robots. Robots come in all forms. While most people think of robots that look like humans when the word “robot” comes up, there are many other types of robots as well. Robot vacuum cleaners make cleaning your house easier while robotic toys make playtime fun. Of course, robots that look like humans are always at the crux of robotic fascination.

There’s a lot to learn about robots. Once you gather as much information about robots as you possibly can, you can begin to learn how to build a robot. You can even find out how to fix a robot. Generally, one must attend a formal schooling program in order to learn about robotics. However, you can always pick up a few books in order to learn more about this topic. You can also read through the links and information listed on our website. Our Robotics Directory is filled with details about robotics that we think you’ll find intriguing. The world of robotics is a large and vast one, but it is also one that you can easily begin learning about. Do you have a desire to build robots? Start your research today!
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