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There are many different subcategories that fall under the term “computer science.” Computer science itself is largely the study of computers, and the ways that computers work. Other disciplines that can be placed under the computer science category include computer programming, computer theory, and, to an extent, computer engineering. While it is possible to learn about computer science from reading books and websites, most people who work within this field obtain a university degree. In order to become a computer scientist, many years of schooling are almost always necessary. If the thought of studying computer science interests you, begin by contacting your local university to find out more about this topic. You can also take a look at books and websites.
You can also flip through our Computer Science Directory. We collect and post data about computer science in our directory, so that you can start your search for computer science information. While seemingly complex, computer science is easily mastered once you learn about the basic things that are a part of this field. We hope that you will find our directory useful and informative, and that you will use our directory to begin your search. Whether you want to become a computer scientist or whether you want to learn more about this topic, there are many great sources of information in the world. As with any other discipline, the best way to learn about computer science is to read all that you can about this topic.
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