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Without software, computers are nothing but expensive paperweights. Programs, applications, games and drivers are all software that make computing productive, entertaining or both. There are a wide range of commercial software products as well as free games, programs and applications available on the Internet. But in spite of there being hundreds, thousands, possibly millions of software titles available, choosing the best program for your needs is almost as difficult as choosing a computer itself. Throughout the years, you’ll likely invest hundreds of dollars into the software on your machine—in fact, the operating system you’re using right now probably has a three digit retail price (unless you’re running Linux). Finding a program that meets your system requirements, performs the functions you need and is bug free and stable requires a fair amount of research. This includes understanding your own machine as well as carefully vetting the software developer that released the program.
One of the best ways to evaluate software is to download a free trial. Many software distributors allow users to download trial versions of their software with limited functionality or full versions of software that is free to use for a certain period of time. During this time, you can gauge whether or not the software meets your needs before making a purchase.
Our Software subcategory of our Computers directory is designed to help you find the best programs that will help make your job, your studies or your entertainment more enjoyable. From reviews and recommendations to free software directories and trial demos, you’ll find everything you need to get the functionality you need from your computer.
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