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Mobile computing is the future as much as it is the present. From laptops and tablets to smartphones and on-board computers, a growing proportion of the tools we use and tasks we perform are made possible or easier thanks to mobile computing. For consumers, businesses and investors alike, mobile computing is perhaps one of the most exciting fields of technology today. With new developments being released every day, it is as if we are perpetually on the cusp of a breakthrough that will fundamentally change the economy, the daily lives of consumers or perhaps even the functions of government.
Keeping abreast of the latest developments in mobile computing is important for individuals and organizations in any sector. That’s why our Mobile Computing Directory contains categories and subcategories that speak to each facet of computers, smartphones, handheld computers, wearable computers and other portable electronic devices with advanced functionality. Here, we’ve created spaces for listings about emerging trends, startups and technologies as well as categories reserved for articles and websites devoted to informing consumers and the public about how the technology works and how it impacts their lives. No matter where you work or how you live, mobile computing impacts your life. Take time to browse through the resources we’ve included here in our Mobile Computing Directory in order to gain a deeper understanding of where technology is taking our businesses, homes and cities. Be sure to check back often, as our Mobile Computing Directory will expand and improve as the ever-changing world of mobile computing progresses, evolves and reinvents itself.
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