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Artificial life is a field of study unlike any other. Artificial Life (also called Alife) examines various systems of life through robotics, biochemistry, and computer modeling. In many ways, the study of artificial life is closely linked with various forms of engineering. Yet, artificial life also combines biology and chemistry. If the idea of robotics, or anything related to robotics, interests you, you might want to look into engineering. You can find out more about artificial life by reading websites, looking through books, and even reading science fiction novels. Many great science fiction writers wrote about artificial life. Begin by looking up the writer Isaac Asimov, and then find other writers by looking through books at your local library. In many ways, artificial life is now more real than it ever had been before.
We find the notion of artificial life interesting. That’s why we collect and post details about this topic on our site. By looking at our Artificial Life Directory, you will find lots of links and facts about Alife. Whether you are attempting to formulate a research paper or figure out if you want to study artificial life, you can begin your research here. You’ll quickly find that many people are against artificial life. You’ll also find that some people support this notion. Either way, artificial life is a real part of the world today, and the discipline itself is studied across the planet. Find out what artificial life means, who studies it, and where you can learn more about this subject by looking through our Artificial Life Directory.
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