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Education is an important part of life. Then again, life can be educating too. Everyday new things are happening that can teach those who notice about life. Formal education usually involves some type of school and a professor or teacher. Education goes all the way back to Ancient Greece (and even before Ancient Greece!). The Ancient Greeks used to attend schools that took place outdoors. Great philosophers would lecture students on important matters such as the planets and math, while students would listen and ask questions. Just as the Ancient Greeks did not have any kind of formal classroom, many students in a number of countries around the world today do not have any kind of formal classroom to learn in. Yet, learning occurs just the same.
Anyone can learn about any subject. All one has to do is purchase a book, listen to a lecture, or follow a computer program. Life lessons are free, and so are many different lessons that are offered on the Internet. No matter what you want to learn about, you have the power to make any subject one that you can master. We collect and publish information about education on our website. Inside of our Education Directory you will find all of the learning details that we have gathered together. We hope that you will find some of this information useful. On your educational path, take the time to stop and think about what you have learned. You will quickly discover that the world is yours for the taking. You will also find that education is everywhere – just stop for a moment and look!
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