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Learn SQL Queries Basics With SQL Exercises
This article provides you a great description about SQL, speacialy SQL basics. If you want to learn more about SQL, you can visit one of SQL webpages, linked within this SQL tutorial. Explanation of SQL basics is very detailed and clear. All functions, operators, queries and statements are shown trough examples. It may be one of the best SQL tutorials for total beginers in SQL. Sql environment is introduced at the start of tutorial, then there is an explanation of relational database. After this intro, you start learning SQL statements on example of two tables: tyres, customers. With thoose tables, you will come to the end of tutorial, where you will learn about creating tables and inserting data. If you want to see more, please visit this, some kind of SQL guide. I am sure, you won`t regret it. Have fun! more info >>
PC selbst zusammenstellen
The page is a help for those who are interested in PC DIY or putting together a computer from individual components. Whether you want to put together an office computer, multimedia PC, gaming PC or a laptop itself - all the necessary information can be found on the website. We provide step-by-step instructions, testing and experience to various online services. There are a lot of services that help to assemble a PC but on which one you may rely on? Who offers the best value for money and on what facts you should definitely make thoughts before venturing to the DIY or self-configuration of a PC or laptop? All these issues are discussed in detail and answered. more info >>
This website is totally dedicate to those students who want to learn multimedia software's for free. We create some text based (English) and as well as video tutorials which are in Hindi. These video tutorials are free to download from YouTube. We provide tutorials on html, xhtml, css, flash, action script 3.0, photoshop, 3ds max, v-ray, rigging, animation, modeling etc. Our purpose is to provide quality and free education to students. Please post comment on site or join us on Facebook, my Facebook is "multimediagyan". Please feel free to asd question on any multimedia software, i try my best to provide best possible solution. Please keep in mind my tutorial content may conflict with some other content available on nets, so please feel free to tell me. Thanks more info >>
We offer free tips and tutorials on Windows OS (Windows 7 and XP specifically), PC games (offline and online, RPGs, FPS), internet usage (browsers, search engines, social networks), hardware (including peripherals), software (use of applications and programs), downloads (freeware and shareware), security (virus protection), troubleshooting (both software and hardware), performance optimization (PC speed), and a lot more. Our site is more like an online journal about everyday encounters with the PC - may it be newly acquired knowledge, a problem that I solved or even a technical misery that you wouldn't want to go through. Our tutorials are sure easy to follow and we’re updating regularly. more info >>
MyeLesson offers free education training videos online to all. MyeLesson offers 500+ free training videos on many topics. The content is very easy to understand and all the training videos are in Hindi and English. Our aim is to make quality education available to people so that that they can learn at their own pace and that too free of cost. More than 85000 people from more 20 different countries have benefited from thr free training videos at Myelesson and you can see their responses at Testimonial section. So don`t wait start learning new things today for free. more info >>
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