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PC games have been cranking out since the 1980s. They were around long before the creation of video game consoles like PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox and are still here today. Maybe their popularity has waned, but their game play features and graphics are still some of the best available. Computer games are much cheaper than even the same games for video game consoles and can even be purchased and downloaded directly to your personal computer. You can also get them on DVDs and CDs at computing and electronic stores.The one thing that sets computer games apart from those on video game consoles is that they typically offer a much deeper and more complex experience thanks to the ability of the computer processor and the ease of connection to the Internet. Even though video consoles now offer Internet capabilities you have to rely on Wi-Fi and running your Internet through a third party. In our directory on computer games we will go over the history of games for the PC and how they have evolved graphically and in terms of game play. We will also offer up links to places on the web where you can purchase, review and even play computer games for small fees. Our directory also includes resources on the different types of computer games from fantasy to first person shooter to puzzles. With our directory you will be empowered with all there is to know about computer games past and present how to purchase those games and how to play them.
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