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Our experienced boosters are all at least Diamond 1, some of them are challengers. They can play with your favorite champions, they can coach you and give you some advises with voice communication to be better and learn more about the game, because our goal is also to improve yourself. You can chat with them, spectate their games, ask them to do a pause or to play on offline mod if you need to play some normal games. more info >>
Go Strategy Games is based on strategy games associates so many games suitable for kids, teens or everyone. Play such amazing games like Connect4 or Battleship War can change your mood. You can consider these games as brain teaser games too. Sudoku and FreeCell are very popular. Besides, Domino, Checkers, Backgammon are also interesting and fun to play. There are five categories including Strategy, Puzzle, Challenge, Adventure, Action. Each category contains more than 10 games. You'll find some cool and actionable games for kids too. You can even play games on the computer or against your friend. All these games are free to play and there is no hidden charge or no one is going to tell you to download. more info >>
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