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Based in Spring Lake, New Jersey, Carroll Communications is a leading Avaya business partner that specializes in scalable, flexible and affordable voice-over IP solutions. Avaya VoIP is an excellent telephony solution for small to mid-sized businesses as well as enterprise-level corporations with satellite offices, branch operations and remote locations. Avaya IP office telephone systems have been consistently rated among the top telephony solutions in terms of value, voice quality and ease of use and installation. Carroll Communications can consult your business and help you choose the most affordable and functional VoIP equipment, VoIP software, VoIP voicemail and VoIP CRM solutions for you. more info >>
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Your business materials represent your business. From brochures to pamphlets and everything in-between, any written material that you hand to clients should be perfect. In addition, your business website should reflect your business in its entirety. When you hire a company to market your business, make sure that you are hiring professionals. Otherwise, your business will just become lost in a sea of similar companies. Maffoni marketing group creates custom websites, brochures, pamphlets, and packaging for all products and services. When it comes to your business, don’t settle for mediocre marketing materials. Instead, choose marketing materials that make your business stand out. more info >>
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Aero Nav Labs is an environmental testing and simulation facility capable of providing contract work services such as contract manufacturing, prototype manufacturing, component assembly, field inspection, test witnessing and verification, etc. The environmental testing procedures include areas of shock, vibration, fire resistance, explosion, highly accelerated stress screening, highly accelerated life testing, acceleration, magnetic, electrical, etc. Aero Nav labs is located about ten minutes from Laguardia airport in College Point, Queens, New York. Aero Nav Labs has provided environmental testing and simulation services to the military and other industrial companies, some of which are included below: AMETEK; BAE SYSTEMS; BOEING; DATA DEVICE; EATON AEROSPACE; GENERAL DYNAMICS; GLOBECOMM SYSTEMS; L3 COMMUNICATIONS; MOTOROLA; ETC. more info >>