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You may not know much about Usenet thanks to the extreme growth of Internet forums over the past decade, but you should. Usenet was basically a precursor to all the forums we use today and honestly are a kind of hybrid between forums and traditional emails. Discussions within Usenet are threaded, like a forum but with news reader software, but posts are stored in sequence on the server just like your email in Google, Yahoo or Outlook. Usenet can also be likened to a bulletin board system (BBS) in many respects other than one major difference – the absence of a central server and dedicated administrator. Instead of a central server and dedicated administrator, Usenet is distributed among a huge and constantly changing conglomeration of servers. All those servers store and forward messages to one another in something similar to what we now view as news feeds. Usenet is not as commonly used today thanks to the aforementioned forums, but is still sometimes used by universities. Our directory on Usenet will not only cover its history from inception at Duke University in the 1980s, but will offer up resources on how Usenet can be used today and why it is so similar to our current web forums. You will also find information in this directory on how Usenet news groups are classified hierarchically and how you can broadcast your posted articles and messages to other Usenet users. Our directory on Usenet even explains how the system is moderated despite the bulk of modern traffic coming from the Internet.
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