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We use algorithms in all facets of our everyday lives. As long as you are following a list of well-defined instructions to complete a task you are using an algorithm. It can be anything from your grocery shopping process to the best route from your house to your place of business. Algorithms in computers are just the same in theory but are instead an instance of logic written within software to help a computer do something. It can be as basic as you setting up a calendar reminder in Outlook everyday at 5PM to tell you to stop working or as complex as an executable file that opens and runs a video game. Computer algorithms are necessary, just as our everyday algorithms are, to make our experiences efficient and enjoyable. Without these algorithms we wouldn’t be able to achieve simple tasks like printing to a PDF or even opening up pictures as they make everything we do on a computer possible. In our directory on algorithms we will make sure you understand exactly how computer algorithms are created and why they are able to make a computer do so many important things. You will also find links to resources that offer up information on how to create and install your own algorithms. Our algorithms directory even includes information on algorithm classification and the history of algorithms beginning with symbols all the way to numbers and codes in computers. You will not leave the algorithms directory without extensive knowledge on the topic.
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