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For every computer, there is an operating system. From the familiar Windows, Linux or Mac OS operating systems that make computing on our desktops and laptops possible to the firmware and mobile operating systems that drive our handheld smartphones, portable computers and mobile computing devices, operating systems provide an environment where the applications, programs, games and protocols can run. And just as it’s important to understand the natural and man-made rules that govern any given space in a city, park, forest or residential area, making the most out of any given computer as a developer, user or administrator is equally key. That’s why we’ve devoted an entire section of our Computers Directory solely to Systems and operating systems. Our Systems Directory has categories reserved for all facets of computers and the systems that allow them to function. From the closed, proprietary operating systems offered by manufacturers like HP, Microsoft and Apple to user-driven open source systems that are used and reused throughout local, server-based and mobile platforms, our Systems Directory is here to serve your curiosity and professional need to understand operating systems of all types.
Take time to browse through each category in our Systems Directory to get a feel for the essentials of computers and operating systems. We’ve organized the structure of our Systems Directory to make it navigable and relevant to anyone who visits. Begin by browsing the listings, websites and resources we’ve listed right here, or drill down to more subcategories in our Systems Directory by clicking the links on the left.
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