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The Internet is massive. If it were a country, it’d the most populous, with millions upon millions of users. If it were a world economy, it’d have the largest economic output of any other nation with billions of dollars being exchanged for goods, services and products each year. The Internet is where you can find the most obscure facts about a nation thousands of miles away or the business hours for the local barber shop down the road. The Internet is a veritable universe within itself—and like any world full of possibilities, it’s filled with opportunities, challenges, risks, rewards and everything in between. Our web directory is already designed to bring you the best of the Internet—but the Internet subcategory of our Computers directory is dedicated to helping you understand everything you need to know about the web, whether you’re a casual user or a network administrator.
You can learn where to find the best jokes, humorous websites and important updates to forward to your colleagues, friends and family, as well as notices and warnings about spam, viruses and scams so you know which items not to forward to your contacts. And for the curious, you can learn about how the Internet works, how computers connect to the Internet and how your data and messages get from your desktop to the world. For those looking to do business on the Internet or set up a website, we also have resources that show you the basics about search engine optimization, website design and development, domain names and more. Whatever it is you’d like to accomplish on the Internet—whether it’s making a million dollars or simply wasting a few minutes on a disposable laugh—you can start your search here.
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