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Web Design and Development
Gone are the days when you webpages could be regarded as online pamphlets or brochures. Today, websites look and feel more like full magazine spreads, replete with branding, aesthetic continuity and carefully composed color schemes. Depending on the website, it may also function less like a flyer and more like a full-featured web application.
In short, Internet users are expecting more from their online experiences—and in order to stay competitive, businesses, services, blogs and social media sites need to embrace the full potential of the Web. This is where Web Designers and Web Developers step in.
Web design is a blanket discipline that encompasses the layout, aesthetic look and feel and, in most cases, the construction of the website. Web designers bring their creativity and their design principles to the table and bring them to life through coding, styling and other technical applications.
Web development is an even more encompassing term. Web development often includes web design, but it can also refer to the development of a website’s functionality. Web developers work behind the scenes to create client-side and server side scripting, administer web servers and ensure that networks are secure.
All in all, the construction and maintenance of a website involves both forward facing and behind the scenes work. The result is a cost-effective, immersive and sometimes interactive web browsing experience for customers, users and colleagues. Web design and development seeks to bring together all the critical aspects in order to make the Internet more usable and more enjoyable.
The Internet is a type of stage, and your website is simply the main attraction. Well, it is if you have an ideal website that draws many people every day. Otherwise, your site doesn’t really exist. At Pixus Media, we build websites. We build sites that attract attention, command viewers, and draw new clients. Your website is the only thing that a random site viewer has to rely upon, so make sure that your site shines in every manner. Visit our website today to find out about our packages, rates, and to view our complete portfolio. Your site matters to us! more info >>
Writing HTML code can be tough. This is especially true when it comes to figuring out the code for a particular color. Since there are so many colors available, it’s hard to choose the right color code for the website that you’re building. We’ve found a way to make this process easier. On our site, you will find a number of different colors and color variations. All you have to do is click on the color you’re looking for to find the HTML source code. The code will appear at the bottom of our website screen, and you’ll be on your way to making any webpage stand out. Visit our site today to find the HTML color code that you’re looking for. more info >>
Your website is the first thing that new clients see. If your site does not look professional, potential clients will likely look for another company to do business with. It’s important for a site to look clean and uncluttered while still getting your point across to readers. In order for this to happen, you must build a site that is easily readably without being boring. The best way to make your website stand out is to hire a professional website designer to build your site. At Chandel Technologies, websites are our business. Visit our website today to gain more information about our services. more info >>
3DWEBMASTER web hosting and developing
We are dedicated to be your prime computer company. We do web hosting and web developing. We will make sure your company website is professionally developed and your customers enjoy visiting it. Our graphic design team will make an outstanding logo for your company. 3dwebmaster is a partner of nod32 antivirus system team. We sell Microsoft software products and also hardware like DVD writers, hard drives, memory, CPUs, motherboards, cases, monitors, LCD TVs, etc. Web hosting is provided in South Africa and you can order a domain registration for your web resource. We train our clients how to manage and improve own websites. Our skilled support team is ready to help you 24 hours a day. more info >>
Definitive Templates , html, flash, oscommerce
Definitive templates is the source for all webmasters that need a quality template, a professional web site design but need an affordable solutions too. We offer templates starting at $20 and you will find all kind of styles and technologies like plain html, flash, oscommerce, joomla, cms, swish, drupal, php... and much more. But now only templates, as we offer icon sets, clip arts, music and sound effects, logos, flash intros, after effects intros and all you will ever need to set up your web page. To complete our service we offer a top customer support with live chat and different gateway payments. more info >>
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