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Ciprian Blog
A blog for everyone, suitable for all ages, with said right and press articles, a blog where anything is possible and nothing is certain. Miscellaneous articles both personally and on the Internet, or the media. If you like the free articles you can subscribe to our newsletter, and receive every day, the latest articles posted to the blog. Soon you can find us on facebook. But you can find us on twitter and digg. Thank you and welcome you on this blog on one of the most read blog in Romania, to read interesting articles unique articles, and comment, all written by Cyprian Gafita. more info >>
Tech Attend is a blog written by the people who live, breath and understand digital technology. Our mission is to help our readers understand and navigate the digital world that surrounds and ultimately affects them in their daily lives. We cover the latest trends in Digital Technology, Web 2.0 and Social Media. Tech Attend regularly publishes authoritative articles, app reviews, previews, how-to guides, tips and tricks, and other cool stuff that aims to make your life easier and more productive. Tech Attend also provides detailed and extensive insights on present and future technologies related to popular platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, WordPress, SEO and the Internet in general. In addition to the growing audience of designers, developers, bloggers and techies, Tech Attend also has large following amongst the general public. Readers are also welcome to contribute to Tech Attend by submitting quality articles that add or complement to the existing content, and that genuinely benefit its readers. more info >>
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