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Some people have a natural gift for writing and understanding code. Other people find the whole computer coding process difficult. There are many different types of coding software that you can purchase. This type of software will help you create almost any kind of code, but you will have to spend quite a bit of money on a good program before you can create ideal code. Alternately, you can visit This website offers free coding tools to individuals like you. Whether you want to create HTML or any other kind of code, you will find the right tool at Coding doesn’t have to be difficult, and you don’t have to break the bank in order to create code that works! more info >>
Among the variety of web developing companies Site2you was always notable for fresh original ideas which help you make a website fast & easy. Recently they have announced a release of a new product created to meet the requirements of the most hard-to-please customers – turnkey 2.0. templates. Just like already known turnkey 1.0. products, these templates are supplied with a specially designed website builder which lets you customize a site without any programming or designing skills. Most changes are made less than in 3 clicks and can be performed by a complete newbie. And a permanently expanding widgets gallery will help you adjust the smallest piece of a website up to your needs. Further to the features specified all the turnkey 2.0. templates do not require the hosting – template files can be stored on any server which complies with our basic requirements. It makes a website absolutely independent and lets you edit the source files to get the most precise result. You shouldn't worry if you make a mistake as primary changes are applied on a site copy located on our servers. So you can safely test our tools, compare the variants & publish the changes when you're 100% sure you'd like to have them on a live site. As regards the pricing policy you get this prominent “all-in-one” tool for quite a reasonable price which covers the source files and the access to the site builder tools for one year. You may also purchase additional services offered by template installation, header and logo customization, content editing. Our Support Team will be always glad to assist you with all the questions you have & help you apply the changes on the site. Currently turnkey 2.0. products are presented on our partners site – Stay updated – the gallery is constantly filled up with new items so you'll easily find the one which fits your idea. Purchasing such a template you get an efficient set of tools which helps you present your business on a decent level on the Internet. more info >>
We are an ISO Certified Private Limited Company engaged into website designing, search engine optimization and online and print directories. We work keeping in mind the ROI i.e return on investment for our client. We have branches at Gujarat, Maharashtra, Kolkata and Maharashtra and most of our clients are major Industries Associations in these States of India. We design websites that are search engine friendly and we constantly follow all the technical norms that are required for getting the sites indexed with the search engines. We have all the required infrastructure and the sales as well as the back office teams are well qualified and fully dedicated for the betterment of our clients. more info >>
Maniacal Design takes a holistic approach to designing and developing websites that work for our clients. From development using the latest web 2.0 technologies to intensive integration of social media marketing and advanced SEO & SEM techniques, we aim to create websites that that build powerful web presence. Our focus on user experience, both for our clients on the back end and for their clients on the front, ensure that our client's goals are met as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our team pulls experience from many areas including marketing, sales, programming, and graphic design. From such a wide-ranging perspective, Maniacal Design is well suited to building web presence that allows for rapid growth in a vast number of market verticals. more info >>
Qainetic Company - Brunei Web Development Company
A Bruneian web development and design company that delivers quick and affordable services. Estabished in October 2010 and work online and remotely dealing with clients nationally and worldwide. Before registration and license of the company, the CEO, Abdul Qoyyuum was a web developing freelancer and hence, the experience enough to start a company. Software as a Service line will be up and running as soon as development is done. Products are the websites that are being sold based on interesting concepts to original ideas. Often, it is the product line on turnkey websites including websites flipped. Clients can request for a free, non-obligatory quote for web development. more info >>
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