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If you are considering a freelance career, there are a lot of things that you have to learn first. Freelancing is never easy, but you can make the process of becoming a freelancer easier. By taking the advice that is listed on, you can find out how to become a successful freelancer. Whether you want to become a graphic designer or a freelance virtual assistant, freelancing is all about knowing how to run a business successfully. Learn the tips and tricks of the trade, start your freelance career today, and say goodbye to your old job for good. more info >>
Ultimate online freelancers
OnJobbing is the ultimate online freelancers & online experts marketplace to earn money by providing service at low cost service to the online business owner or other online users and thus helping them in getting small works at very low cost. Listing known as work; range from $4 to $19. This is the only professional marketplace where all people from the field of online business & online marketing are invited to sell their work. So come and sell your work and start making more than extra money. All you have to do is list your special talent(s), product(s), or service(s) in any kind of online marketing & online business which could help others and choose the amount you'd like to see it for ($4, $9, or $19), upload your image for the work and your set to go. more info >>
Freelance Logo Design Services
Logo Design Service. Receive 50+ designs and only pay for the design you love. FreelanceLogo delivers a totally risk-free, quick and simple way to receiving a custom design. 100% Money guarantee a design just from you from a world of talented freelance graphic designers! Try us out now, we are here to help, we can even write your design brief for you. What are you waiting for! Freelance designers can sign up for free and start submitting designs straight away, no fees, no subscriptions, enter as many projects as you like and if you chosen as the winning designer, you will receive 100% of the prize fund! We don`t take anything from the designers! more info >>
Qainetic Company - Brunei Web Development Company
A Bruneian web development and design company that delivers quick and affordable services. Estabished in October 2010 and work online and remotely dealing with clients nationally and worldwide. Before registration and license of the company, the CEO, Abdul Qoyyuum was a web developing freelancer and hence, the experience enough to start a company. Software as a Service line will be up and running as soon as development is done. Products are the websites that are being sold based on interesting concepts to original ideas. Often, it is the product line on turnkey websites including websites flipped. Clients can request for a free, non-obligatory quote for web development. more info >>
Voice artist can narrate audio book texts, sing songs as well as write songs. Besides this, I write articles and stories for children and adults. Currently have a few article publications at Constant Content and one at Factoidz. Can write poetry and slogans as well. I`m on with username grafynn. Below is a piece of poetry ONE MORE STEP: Running away showing everyone you can’t be what you want to be, Walking away from your goals and your dreams, Could never be the right step that you must take, Could never be the right goal that you must reach for, There is always one more step you can take, One more line you can cross, One more hurdle you can run over, Running away is never a choice for the one who wants to win, You must go on now or never be found in the front, You must move on now or never be called a winner, There is always one more step you can take, One more line you can cross, One more hurdle you can run over, There is always one more thing that you can, that you can do. more info >>