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Online Zindagi - create your own Identity
A Social Networking site where you can share your business, ideas, photos, and videos. Make friends all around the world. Share what is in your mind with Online Zindagi. You can do lot of activities including chatting with video with all your online friends. Create your own group or community and grow your business as well. A good place to share your home based business with all members. Create your own forum and discuss. You can also display events of any business or any other activities. Create your own blogs, add your articles and share with all friends. Invite all your friends to join online zindagi and make this website as your meeting Hub. more info >>
The first dedicated social networking site from Africa, 1plusall is a portal that connects people and give them the required tools to make communication easier. 1plusall is designed as a virtual home where you feel welcome by the people you are communicating with. 1plusall is built from scratch by students from university of Abuja, some of the futures include virtual home, chat, networking, dating, groups, blogs, market place, videos etc. You are always at home as every users of the community does not see his or her self as a user but has a member of a community. Discover a world where someone is listening. more info >>
Rock The Post is the firs real business social network. The platform provides the tools for individuals and entities to transform a simple idea or project into a successful cause or venture. The main goal is to connect people and to erase the concept of intermediation in the way business is done around the world. Within the platform users will be able to pledge and invest in several projects. There are also forums and events, where users can discuss topics and also network and interact with each other on venues and landmarks that the individuals will establish. For Rock The Post team, the goal is to make the world a better and smaller place for everyone. We open the doors to all users without a matter of the age or their location. more info >>
Hotel Managers and tourism operators - finally a fully integrated social media management and brand marketing program done for you. Complete management that works without you even having to turn on a computer. Covers content marketing, video production, blogging, article marketing, directory listing, social media management, Facebook, twitter and SEO. We do it all plus equip you with appropriate technology, bookings engine, rss distribution, advertising, brand marketing and publishing. All offered on a commission bases – like an online travel agent but marketing your brand and building your customer loyalty. The premier social media management and brand marketing, that drives direct bookings to your website, without even having to even turn on your computer. more info >>
XLNKR Impressions Your Cross-Linked Site Network
Most blog and small site networks take your followers and readers and lock them up inside a private gateway. In order to interact with those people, your readers, you are forced to enter the third party private network. This separates your readers into different groups and forces you to do extra work to reach your audience. XLNKR is different, all of the social interaction happens right on your site, nobody has to come to xlnkr to participate. As sites in the network interact, they feed each other more and more readers, the network grows, and so does your fan base. Best of all you get to interact with them directly using your website and your RSS feed. This is a new, innovative take on the blogosphere, and connecting sites with other to share readership in relevant topics. more info >>
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