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Nuclear submarines are both interesting and innovative. Many people around the world study nuclear submarines regularly. If you enjoy studying submarines, then you will enjoy the information that is listed on This website lists all kinds of details about the first nuclear submarine. You can find out what the vessel looked like, what the first crew did, and everything else that you want to know about the first nuclear submarine on Whether you want to study submarines for a school project or whether you want enjoy learning about how underwater vessels work, learning about nuclear submarines is a great way to pass the time. more info >> is an ambitious project that invites composers, songwriters, musicians, DJs and music enthusiasts to contribute to an historic undertaking. The goal: compose a song by selling 4,000 eighth notes for a total of $1 million. The Million Dollar Composition will be made public, with a permanent link and information about each contributor. When you buy notes, you can choose where your eighth notes appear, so you can have a direct hand in how this composition unfolds. Not only is this an opportunity to boost traffic to your website, it’s an opportunity to be a part of history. Submit your musical contributions to the Million Dollar Composition by visiting But hurry—the price goes up as less notes become available. more info >>
Be careful when you hire a Thai translator. A translator who is not experienced could translate a text improperly, and this might cause a great deal of embarrassment. We want to make sure that all of you Thai translations are top, which is why we offer the best Thai translation services available. If you want to hire a professional Thai translator, choose a translator by visit our website. Our turnaround is fast, and we only hire reliable translators to complete your important projects. If you need a Thai translator, visit our site today. more info >>
At the King Saud University located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Dr. Fahd Abdullah Alturki has been teaching Control and Electrical Engineering since 2001(1422H) as an associate professor and teaching since 1984. Dedicating most of his research to the applied sciences of Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence. Dr. Alturki graduated from Sheffield University in the U.K. with a Ph.D. in Control Engineering in 1993(1414H). Along with ways to contact Dr. Alturki, he has provided valuable links for his students. These include links to K.S.U. itself, along with helpful links on what his classes have to offer and the projects that are due. Dr. Alturki has also provided ways to get a hold of him. more info >>
Four Seasons Incorporated is a leading restoration company servicing eastern Pennsylvania, Central New Jersey, and Northern Delaware. Based out of Philadelphia, PA, FSI prides itself on the fine workmanship that our company provides. Our site offers a detailed explanation of various restoration and repair projects that we do. Along with the explanations are pictures and projects that we have done to better help you assess why these repairs are needed, and can save you money. FSI always has free consultation on any project you have in mind. We are also a historical and disaster contractor always taking the finest details into perspective. Stop by and get started on your restoration or repair project. more info >>