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Computers seem to run without much human interaction. However, this is far from the truth. Without human interaction, computers would break down frequently. Humans interact with computer every day. Aside from those people who work directly with computers, people who work in an office or at home use computer on a regular basis. Some people also design computers. Without computer designers, or engineers, computers would not exist. Engineers design computer cards, chips, and other components. Human and computer interaction is actually an entire discipline. People who study human and computer interaction look for similarities between computers and the human mind.

Believe it or not, humans can learn a lot from computers. Some would even say that computers can learn a lot from humans! In order for a computer to exist, a human must first interact with that computer. Human and computer interaction seems like a relatively simple subject, but there’s a lot to learn about this discipline. The best way to begin learning about human and computer interaction is to pick up a few books. You can also spend some time surfing the Internet in search of details about this topic. We collect and post information about human and computer interaction on our Human Computer Interaction Directory page. We hope that you find this information helpful!
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