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The world of computers is multifaceted and multidisciplinary. You see this everyday in the eternal struggle between Microsoft advocates and Apple fanboys, Google purists and Yahoo enthusiasts, but the stratification between technology-minded folk grows even deeper when it comes to the development and programming side. With so many different operating systems, languages, scripting environments, protocols and other ways in which programming or development can vary, it’s almost like there is an entire world within a world when it comes to computers. These camps, schools of thought, disciplines and cults give rise to something incredibly important to the computer industry: communities. For any specialization, code, program, hardware, software or operating system, there are communities of coders, programmers, beta testers, hackers and other developers who band together to pool their knowledge. These communities help to troubleshoot problems, patch bugs, give birth to new ideas and hone existing ideas to perfection. In this way, each member of the developing community is part of something larger and much more capable than the sum of the parts.
Our Directories subcategory of our Computers directory is dedicated to tapping into this collective knowledge that sustains computer communities while being fed by them at the same time. Consider the links, resources, websites, forums, messageboards, chat rooms and blogs included in our Computers directory a direct link to not just what one technical wizard might know, but the entire knowledgebase of an ever growing community. Whether you’re looking for help on a new project or simply interested in exploring a new language or platform, consider this your home base. Explore the Computer directories we’ve gathered here and see what you can learn.
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