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Games are structured activities that consist of one or more players, a set of rules and a goal. Beyond this, games may have a number of other attributes and aspects, but these aspects define most games in a nutshell. We participate in games for a number of reasons—most commonly, for mere entertainment. But while many critics write off games as mere diversion—a timewasting foil to work and other noble pursuits of productivity—games are more functional and vital to society than most presume. As children, games are used for the sake of education. Games provide entertaining context and an element of reward to the endeavor of learning a subject such as reading, mathematics or foreign languages. The apparent object of an educational game is rarely to learn the subject matter—rather, these skills are picked up incidentally.
The significance of games does not diminish in adulthood. Outside the context of a learning environment, most adults have few opportunities to exercise the full range of their and capabilities. Most professionals choose highly specialized trades and spend most of their day practicing in the areas of their expertise. Without games, other mental and physical faculties would go largely ignored. For example, an accountant who spends 40 hours a week balancing ledgers could feasibly work his entire lifetime without drawing upon or developing his hand eye coordination or physical strength. Likewise, a tennis player naturally builds endurance on the court and in training, but will find few professional reasons to put her logical deduction skills to use. For these reasons, an employee with a desk job might join a company softball team and the tennis player might enjoy completing Sudoku puzzles in her free time.
Beyond personal development and mental and physical exercise, games also give us opportunities to socialize. Whether we are among a crowd of spectators at a football game or are working as a team in game of tug-of-war, the social dynamics of games are more complex and significant than most of us openly acknowledge. Competitive sports provide a non-violent outlet for rivalries and followers of nationwide sports serve as a cultural touchstone for colleagues, acquaintances, friends and family members.
Here at our Games Directory, you’ll find a multitude of resources for hardcore gamers, casual game players as well as creators of games. You can read up on the latest tips, tricks and rules for games you’ll find on the playing field, in the arcade or on toy store shelves. And, of course, you’ll find games that you can play right now from your browser. From puzzles and tile games to roleplaying games and video games, everything that matters to game enthusiasts can be found right here.
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