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Whether it’s Hold ‘Em or Bingo, gambling gives us a certain thrill. Gambling differs fundamentally than other games—even games where prizes are awarded to winners—in that there is an element of risk involved. In order to play, a certain amount of money must be put up by the player. Tickets are sold for a numbers lottery. Coins or tokens are inserted to activate a slot machine. Antes and bets are (literally) chipped in to stay in a hand of poker. This money is put on the line for the opportunity to reap higher returns. Skill, chance or a combination of both determine whether a player wins big or walks away with nothing. In this way, the appeal of gambling games is a bit like the rush we get from extreme sports. It’s a structured opportunity to pit our wits and courage against an inherently dangerous situation—and when we survive unscathed, it’s hard not to feel triumphant.
In the Gambling subcategory of our Games directory, you’ll find links to resources about the rules of the most popular gambling outlets—from horseracing to casinos—including rules of the game, tips and hubs for online gaming. But because gambling is such a visceral experience, the potential for addictive behavior exists. That’s why we’ve also included some resources and information that will help you identify the signs of gambling addiction and how to get help for yourself or someone you love. Browse through these pages and become a savvier, more responsible gambler.
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