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Miniature games exploded onto the scene in the 20th century with miniature soldiers. Now this form of gaming has advanced to wargaming that incorporates miniature figures, miniature armor and even modeled terrain and weapons as the main components of game play. Dungeons and Dragons became a phenomenon of miniature gaming as it created not only a huge fan base, but hundreds of organizations and clubs around the world. These miniature games are typically simulation games that involve tactical combat, as opposed to video games, computer games and board games. These games grew in popularity thanks to their beautifully painted miniature landscapes with model trees, hills, homes and towns all made to scale. Our directory on miniature gaming covers the gamete from the history of miniature gaming to the different rule sets in role-playing, naval and air games. You will also find links too many notable miniature games, their organizations and the game designers. Our directory even offers resources on the famous personalities in miniature gaming like Jack Scruby and E. Gary Gygax. We will even reference information on why miniature gaming has become popular in specific social circles and not in others and how its game play compares to the game play on contemporary video game consoles like the PlayStation, Wii and Xbox. Make sure the next time you come to the Internet for information on miniature gaming you stop by our directory as a novice and leave as an expert.
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