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Why have hand games been around for hundreds of years? Well, because they can be for free, anywhere and by anyone no matter what their age. It doesn’t take $50 to purchase a hand game and play it - all you need is a set of hands and a few friends. Popular hand games like Paper, Rock, Scissors, Patty cakes and Thumps have been played amongst children for as long as anyone can remember. Hand games are a great way for children to occupy themselves while using their intellect instead of watching television or spending money at the local toy store. Although they are simplistic in rules and abilities they make up for it in fun and simplicity. In our directory on hand games we will offer up links to information on how to play every single hand game ever invented. We’ll prepare you with the information to keep children busy for hours without having to pay for a babysitter or fear they are watching bad movies or television. You will also find resources in our hand games directory that will tell the story of when hand games where invented and just how they have remained popular despite the birth and growth of video game consoles and sophisticated DVD games. Make sure the next time your children complain they have nothing to do you reference our directory first, find some great hand games for them to play and turn that complaining into full fledged fun and excitement.
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