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We all pull out our old copy of Monopoly, Life or Chutes-n-Ladders a few times a year and every time we realize we aren’t sure how to play anymore. We know how to play, kind of, but it sure would be nice to reference the instructions sheet instead of arguing on what we are allowed to do when someone lands on Park Place. There is a big difference between how a game is thought to be played and how it is supposed to be played and our directory on game resources is here to help clean that up, among other things. Here you will find links to the instructions of any game you can possibly imagine along with links to tips and pointers on which types of games to play based on how many people are involved and what their age and skill level is on specific topics. Our directory will also offer up resources to gaming online and even gaming on your Wii, PlayStation, Xbox or handheld gaming device. You will never again need to worry about how to throw the ball on Madden ’10 or what buttons you need to press to make Mario jump in Super Mario Bros. No matter what type of game it is – we have the resources here on how to purchase it, how to play it and where to review it. Not only will our games resources directory help you play games but it will help you select and purchase games based on your likes, dislikes and the size of your wallet.
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