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The Internet has been a true boon to computer gaming. From offering free, lightweight versions of games online that can be played from any web browser without installing any software to full blown social gaming experiences that pit your wits and skills against players from all over the globe, online gaming is a true marvel of the 21st century. We’re so impressed by today’s online games that we’ve devoted an entire subcategory within our Games directory to rounding up the best of the best in online gaming. We’ve got links, resources and portals for browser based games, multiplayer online games, massive multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs), virtual pets and more. We’ve also included some listings that help enrich the communities that spring up around games and online gaming. You can find chat rooms and forums dedicated to specific genres of games, developers or titles. Discuss your latest escapades, seek technical help or find opponent and teammates to help you take on the world. If you really want to get real about the gaming community, we’ve got links and websites that will keep you informed about up and coming gaming conventions in cities near you. You can meet the faces behind the handles or meet up for an LAN tournament.
The world of online gaming is too deep and complex to cover in just a few words. To truly grasp the immersive experience that online gaming offers, you’ll just have to try your hand at a few yourself. Click on some of these links to explore the wide world of games available on the Internet.
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