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Puzzles pass the time in an entertaining way that also stimulates our brain and ability to solve math and logic problems. When you think of a puzzle you may just envision 100 pieces sitting on a table that need to be put together to resemble a cat. That may be one form of a puzzle – a jigsaw puzzle – but there are many other forms that now live on computers, video game consoles and even mobile phones. If it requires you to recognize some type of pattern, intuitively reason or use deduction skills – it is most likely a puzzle. Puzzles are obviously a type of game and are played every day by newspaper subscribers that make sure to do the daily Sudoku or Crossword on the back page of the Entertainment section. Puzzles are also widely considered to be addicting and useful for elderly folks that want to stimulate their brains. There are tons of puzzle games including logic puzzles, word puzzles, nonograms, lateral thinking puzzles, Rubik’s Cubes and even Tetris. In our directory on puzzles we will offer up information on all the different types of puzzles, how to play them and where they original came from. You will also find resources on puzzle instructions, puzzle reviews and how to create a puzzle game on your own. Our directory will even provide links to free puzzles across the Internet based on your favorite types of puzzles and how much time you have to spend completing one.
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