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The human mind can only hold so much information at once. While elementary school helped permanently ingrain the multiplication tables and perhaps even all the U.S. state capitals into your head, it’s neither feasible nor prudent for us to retain all of the useful facts, formulas and guidelines that we’ll occasionally need throughout our lives. So, for your convenience, we’ve compiled this handy Reference Directory for all the things that you may need to know someday but can’t be bothered to commit to memory.
Reference books have long been used as collective repositories for commonly accessed information for schools, communities and societies. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, maps and thesauri are the types of materials most often associated with reference books. But reference books also encompass practical information used in particular professional and academic fields, such as almanacs, peer reviewed journals, medical manuals, technical guides and other materials.
Regardless of whether it’s for work, school or home, reference materials are organized so that information can be found and accessed quickly. Much of the content that finds its way into reference manuals and books is information that we use frequently but is too ungainly or complex to remember. Reference materials also help professionals pool their knowledge by keeping records of their findings for similar cases, studies and procedures. In these ways, reference materials help us become more efficient and informed as a society.
In our Reference Directory, we’ve included a number of links and resources that you can use to help you find word definitions and spellings, facts and figures about cities and nations and general information about just about everything that is to know. From archival histories of agricultural and economic indices to world records for human achievements and forces of nature, our comprehensive Reference Directory does the work of an entire library on one site.
But of course, there are some realms of knowledge that can be accessed through a dictionary or encyclopedia. That’s why we’ve also included links and listings for libraries, museums, open access resources and other sources of information. We’ve also compiled a directory dedicated to Ask an Expert resources, which allow you to get definitive answers for your esoteric or complex questions. Dive right in and find out everything you need to know right here.
Reference sites, books and guides are essential to performing accurate and complete study, research and work. We hope that this site will serve you well by making it even easier to find the facts, formulas and specifications that you need, when you need it. In fact, our Reference Directory is a reference material in itself—so go ahead and bookmark this page now, since we’re sure you’ll be returning again and again.
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