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When words escape you, famous quotations may be the next best thing. Many people throughout history have said a number of entertaining things, and these sayings are worth repeating. The important thing about using any quotation is to remember where it came from, so that you can reference a quote properly – after all, you don’t want to steal someone else’s words! Referencing quotes can be tough, since so many popular sayings are used incorrectly. Throughout the years, many of the world’s most popular sayings have been bent and twisted out of shape, but you can use the right quotation if you spend a few minutes researching the sayings that you want to use.
For example, many people frequently say “I could care less.” However, this is a misquotation. The actual saying goes “I couldn’t care less.” There is a big difference between the two quotes, though many people are unaware of this difference. When you want to recall a famous quote, take a few moments to find out who said the saying you want to repeat, and what the saying actually means. Misquoting any person is something that can be avoided by using our Reference Quotations Database. When you want to find the perfect quote for an essay, a blog post, or simply to use in front of others, you’ll find the right quotations in our directory. Remember, using someone else’s words to express a feeling or emotion is a great idea – just make sure to quote that person properly!

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