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Walt Disney is one of the great creative and business minds of our time. He was faced with many obstacles during his lifetime and he responded to each one with gutsy determinism and unwavering optimism. Mr. Disney is a great example of someone who had big dreams and stopped at nothing to achieve them. Though many people believed Walt's goals were unattainable, he welcomed the challenge and decided he would never stop until he reached his desires. Check out our large collection of inspiring Walt Disney Quotes that are sure to help you with whatever dilema you are dealing with. Also be sure to catch our articles detailing Walt's life and how he was able to change both the Animation and Theme Park industries. more info >>
The Best Quotes on the Web -
QuotePoet has the right words for all occasions, whether it's your daughters birthday, or your trying to move on from an ex, or you have a sick loved one. We have the perfect quotes to help you express things that can sometime be difficult to say. We've searched the web to make sure to provide you with the best quotes that modern society has to offer. We also are constantly adding to our collection of quotes and sayings, so that our visitors know that they are seeing the best content available. Users are also free to submit quotes to the site to be added. more info >>
Wisefiction is a quotation site that focuses on fictional works. We dedicate in providing an extensive and unique collection of inspirational words from famous movies, tv shows, games, books and song lyrics. Enjoy and get inspired by Yoda, Eminem, Sheldon Cooper, Mark Twain and many more. Quotations shouldn't be reserved for celebrities. There are lots of surprisingly insightful words and valueable life lessons in entertainment and we cannot let them go unnoticed. We are constantly growing and adding more quotations to our site. All quotes are sorted by categories, tags, authors and works to ensure that we present our users the most relevant content. Wisefiction also have a rating feature for each quote which can be used to sort the quotes by popularity. more info >>
A unique site in that the featured quotes are curated and commented upon/analyzed by the blogger-site owner. Most quotations web sites list a large number of quotes based on a category and leave it at that. Here quotations are chosen by hand rather than scraped and entered into a database. Each quote is then written about based on the authors life experience as a former monk and Buddhist of thirty years standing. In addition comments and debate are welcome as well as submission of quotes or lyrics that readers deem worthy of inclusion. As well, included on-site are further resources about how to move on from all kinds of life changes. more info >>
99 Real Life Stories
99 Real life stories is an attempt to show case true and inspirational stories of real people from all around the world. Stories cover a wide range of people who have achieved success (despite the odds) in their chosen profession or field of work. Currently, the site features stories on Olympian Derek Redmond, Illusionist David Blaine, Yoga Guru BKS Iyengar, Motivational speaker Nick Vijucic, 91 year old Marathon winner Harriette Thompson, Autistic Basketball genius Jason McElwein, the 70 year old body building champion Sam Byrant to name a few. The site also has a separate for inspirational and motivational quotes on various topics like Health, Life, Love etc. There is also a section called Fables which throws up stories that typically leave us with either a Life Moral or a Business Principle. more info >>
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