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Are you all twisted trying to get your fishing hook to stay on the line? Are you getting tied up working to get a necktie straight? Do you want to wear a bowtie to an extravagant event but are unsure of how to pull it all together? Take a look at our Reference and Knots directory, which publishes links on these types of subjects. It is true that advanced materials, such as glues, welds, and Velcro have come into vogue as ways of connecting objects to one another. However, three things remain true. First, string- and rope-like materials are easy to get in almost any place you may find yourself. If you are seeking to build a shelter in the forest, it is unlikely that you will be able to glue a roof above your head. Branches, leaves, and vines, however, will allow you to tie knots that can make for a sturdy habitat. Second, the cost of alternative materials is unnecessary when a knot can do a more effective job. If you are pulling your boat up to the dock and you want to keep it in place after you have stepped ashore, the proper sailing knot is the best option. Finally, knots are required in traditional formal wear. Most people who are attending formal functions want to look their best, and clip-on ties just will not cut it. That is why we collect links for knots and knot-tying: so that you can be prepared for any situation you encounter.
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