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There are a few reference books that have long been known to hold lots of information about lots of topics. A thesaurus is one book that will never go out of style. If there’s something that you want to know about, take a look at a thesaurus of any type. The Internet is home to many different online thesauri, and various thesauri can be found in your local library. Unlike a dictionary, a thesaurus lists synonyms for a number of different words. On occasion, an antonym or two will also pop up in a thesaurus. Thesauri tend to come in handy when playing word games. If you’re writing a paper, you may also find a thesaurus particularly useful.
To us, thesauri will never become things of the past. In fact, we believe that online and print thesauri are becoming better and better each day. We want to share our love for thesauri with you. That’s why we have created our Thesauri Directory. Our directory is full of information about thesauri of all kinds. From online thesauri to print thesauri to ancient and antique thesauri, you will find lots of details here. While nothing can replace the gold standard of reference books, we do hope that our directory will become a sort of reference for you. We invite you to sit back and relax as you look through our directory. We also hope that you will come back often to visit us. Our site is constantly evolving, and we want you to be a part of it!

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