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Imagine: scientific documents from years past available at your fingertips. Fiction and research that you can get with the click of a button. Epic poetry that springs off the screen. The goal of our Open Access Resources directory is to publish links to free information in a variety of categories. We also collect links to organizations that create or accumulate these types of resources. The benefits are clear. While a copy of the latest best-seller might cost you over thirty dollars, open access resources, like literature, may offer you a great read at no cost. For this, we have the power of the internet to thank. We can also recognize those authors and researchers who believe that the content they have written is too important to withhold from potential readers because of the cost involved. By having these open access resources online, readers can get to them from any place on earth that has the required internet connectivity. As a result, they can share in the beauty and emotion of free online poetry or the critical analysis of free access theory. Also, they may be able to take part in the organizations that work to keep these open access resources available to the general public. As these documents become more widely spread, they encourage new ideas and interpretations, and they may lead to more writings that are available in open access format. So take a look now at our open access resources directory and subdirectories to see what is available.
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