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Education is conducive to a number of analogies and metaphors. Education is a doorway to opportunities—new experiences, new job prospects and new insight into the fields that interest us and stir our passions. Education is also a crossroads. The path you choose today can determine where you live, what you will do for a living and where you can go from there. Because of this, decisions about your education should never be made lightly. When one door opens, another closes. And the longer you travel on one path, the further back you will have to go if you change your mind. Making the right choices today can help you reach your destination faster.
The resources, links, articles and websites listed in the Education subcategory of our Reference directory are meant to help you make informed decisions on how you want to invest your time and money while pursuing an education. From Kindergarten through high school and from college to graduate school, understanding your goals and how best to attain them can help you get the most out of your education so you are prepared for the future. Browse through the links on the left to find out about employment opportunities, study abroad programs, learning methods and more.
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