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World Records
In this directory, we publish links to resources on world records. The purpose behind these types of records is to track human endeavors and facts about the world we inhabit. By witnessing and measuring these achievements, several things are accomplished. First, people can compare their own work against others throughout the world. This can inspire greater and more impressive feats, pushing the limits of what humankind is capable of. Second, those who are not participants in world records and who are, like most of us, just interested in what people can do, are driven in some small part to do the best job they can in their own daily lives. Some world records are not traits that one would seek out, such as abnormally large facial features. Other world records are enviable, like the fastest or strongest human being on earth. Our subdirectories include information on auto speed world records, records in human achievement, and sports accomplishments. In order to track these world records, systems must be put in place to determine what is recordable and what is not. For example, something like the quality of beauty is based on individual judgment, and that definition may change depending on the country, the society, or the person. Also, the system must include a staff or group of volunteers to venture out and collect data on these achievements. Associations and businesses that handle this work may be part of the links that you will find within our World Records directory.
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