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Huge maps that people picked up at information centers and rest stops used to be the only way to get around. You opened up a map bigger than yourself, squinted to try and find where you were and how to get home and then struggled to put the map back the way it was when you got it. Now almost everyone has a GPS (Global Positioning System) in his or her car or phone that tells him or her exactly how to get somewhere step-by-step. They may not always take you the best way but they sure will get you to where you need to be sooner of later. As long as you have a running battery or charge there really is no way to get lost. These GPS’ pull satellite signals from the sky directly to your device and not only show you how to get places, but tell you how to get there to with audio voices. Traditional style maps are still used as a reference for city and highway planning but they are a thing of the past for the modern day consumer who needs to find out how to get somewhere quickly and efficiently.

In our reference directory on maps, we’ve reserved slots for website listings that help users looking for information on all things maps, including the best GPS devices on the market today and maybe even some clues on where you can find some of those old maps that are tough to fold up. So, if you have an excellent website that deepens the web’s knowledge of maps, we want to hear from you. Click Submit Site to add your website to our growing Reference directory.

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