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It’s not hard for us to sing the praises of directories—after all, you’re looking at our own web directory right now. Web directories are a better way to find the information you’re looking for on the Internet. While search engines certainly have their place, web directories consist of hand-picked information that’s been organized according to subject, topic, region and other categories. In this way, directories, like our own Reference directory, are more selective than search engine results. Search engines use automated robots to “crawl” the web (appropriately called “spiders”). These search engine spiders use algorithms to determine the relevance and reliability of a website. Most times, search engines are incredibly accurate in their organization of data on the web. But when it comes to specialized information and resources, nothing beats a human touch.
The difference between a web directory and the results you get from a search engine is a bit like getting a book recommendation from a librarian versus choosing a book off the shelf based on genre or title. The content you’ll find in a directory is more specific to your purpose. From business directories, telephone and address directories, shopping directories, recreation directories, news directories and more, directories are a better way to find what you’re looking for fast. Directories are also excellent ways to find content suitable for kids and teens and younger audiences, since all of the websites have been screened before being included.
Check out some of the directories we’ve included here for you reference—it’s a better way to find information fast.
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