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Almanacs are unassuming resources. After all, they are just yearly collections of information on a given subject, most commonly known for data on weather, agriculture-related issues, and astronomy. However, contained within them is the sum of human knowledge and research on these subjects. For years, this type of information meant the difference between a good harvest and a long season of hunger. It meant knowing one's way in the wilderness or being lost without a chance to get home. For that reason, we offer our directory of almanacs for your reference. We break our almanacs down into specialized categories, each of which focuses on measurable or predictable information. These categories include arts, history, and sports, among others. Sports facts and figures are recorded for posterity and so that feats that occur in one era may be compared against those that take place in another. This allows sports enthusiasts to carry on reasoned debates about which athlete or athletic team was the most extreme in a particular area. For example, the data lets one to determine which baseball team was the most dominant in its period, which basketball guard was the most effective long-range shooter, which hockey goalie was most successful, and so forth. In this way, almanacs represent more than just the facts of a given area of knowledge; they represent all that has occurred and suggest all that might take place in the future. Explore the links in the Almanacs directory to see the resources that are available to you.
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