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Turpial Travel & Adventure is your gateway to everything that there is to discover in Venezuela. For nearly a decade, we have offered visitors to Venezuela unique opportunities to experience this breathtaking and multi-faceted nation as it was meant to be experienced. We specialize in pairing small groups of travelers with local ecoguides and experts who can show you this exotic land in a way that is sustainable and immersive. Our packages and tours let you see Venezuela through the eyes of a local. You’ll have the opportunity to experience the colorful, chaotic and exciting culture of Venezuela without disrupting the natural order of this singular destination. Come plan your next ecotourism expedition with the help of Turpial Travel & Adventure. more info >> | Specialist and Adventure Travel Directory
Traveling is a great way to see other parts of the world. There are many places that you can travel to, and many cultures to explore. If you enjoy traveling, you probably know that gathering information about your destination before you travel is a good idea. Thankfully, many travel websites exist that can help you find out about any kind of travel before you leave home. Travel URL is a website that lists annual events, travel agents, rental information, and many other travel details. When you have traveling on your mind, take the time to prepare your next trip thoroughly with Travel URL. more info >>
Golf is a fun game full of nature and adventure. If you love to golf, you may bring your clubs everywhere you travel. Even though traveling with your clubs can be fun, you will find that traveling to your very own golf villa is a lot more fun. Within the region of Noosa, Australia, there are many golf villas just waiting to be rented or purchased. These villas are nestled within a lush golfer’s paradise. You can find out more about Noosa golf villas by visiting our website. Golfing is a lot of fun, but this game gets even better when you own your own Australian golf villa. more info >>
Metal detecting, coinshooting & treasure hunting - Have Detector Will Travel
Have you ever thought about what you could uncover if you owned a metal detector? People from all around the world spend years looking for lost treasure with metal detectors. Some people even find many valuable items buried far beneath the earth’s surface. At, you can read about one person’s journeys with a metal detector. From unearthing stolen goods to finding Civil War treasures, this website is full of fascinating information about metal detector treasure hunts. If you love finding new things and going on adventures, then you’ll love reading more info >>
Vietnam is the treasured emerald of Asia, and its natural landscapes are its greatest asset. Visitors to Vietnam can experience all that this gorgeous country has to offer by taking an active travel trip through Vietnam’s countryside, mountain paths and more. Bike the hidden paths of Ninh Binh or take a family adventure along the Mekong for amazingly affordable rates. offers adventure travel packages for anyone who wants to experience Vietnam the way it was meant to be experienced. Visit for current deals and discounts on trekking, biking and family outings, as well as travel tips for new and seasoned tourists in Vietnam. more info >>