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In Xpode, Article can be managed from admin section. User can add and update his articles. Make his own categories and arrange articles according to category wise. Manage the Add, update the category according to him. User can Check Comments and Popularity of his Article. You can check the statistics of your articles. User will get his own page where his all information will be shown like how many articles he have contributed to this website. And also his rss feed identity for your submitted articles on the website will also be available. This all free with a small idea to spread the free programming knowledge. more info >>
Skueeky Soft Solutions
A premium promotions website comparing and evaluating the products associated with the Health and Wealth industry. The websites offers different versions of the same diet or health products, for example, that are available in the market place. Once we start our investigation, and its relative claims, we evaluate the product from the consumer`s view point. Once the claims of the marketing or originating company are verified, we do a full write up of the claims and their reliability. We set a score to the of reliability that is an algorithm we use to rate the product. In a world of a variety of legitimate and illegitimate products that are being launched each day, we try and offer the buyer with a `RATING` system that they can rely on for an independent agency to supplement their knowledge base prior to pressing the `BUY NOW` button on the internet markets. more info >>
Avercast is unique in the way that each customer is important. Avercast uses over 185 different forecasting algorithms which makes it easier to accommodate to each customer. Our goal is to create software that saves customers time and money. Creating more space in warehouses, more time to worry about other problems, and being able to be free of the worry of stocking out are just some of the benefits businesses reap from choosing Avercast. The best way to serve customers is to provide services to them in a timely fashion. Avercast is able to implement it's software in a timely manner which in turn makes your customers happier as well because they will get the products they need sooner. more info >>
Laser Companies -
The laser market has been dominated by a few amount of select companies leaving very little for the majority of the companies in the industry. Google's search algorithm, while promoting the largest branded corporation, accelerates the advantages of the same major companies that dominate the laser industry. It is becoming increasingly difficult for smaller companies in the laser industry to compete at the same level in terms of online marketing. aims to solve this issue by providing a universal marketplace online for all laser companies without the bias towards major corporations. Accounts on provide company listings and unlimited product and service listings. more info >> blog is started to educate SEO professionals in a better way and to help them in finding all seo related information at one place. As SEO is becoming most of important factor for any online business, its important that SEO Professionals should be up-to-date with latest SEO trends and new algorithms. Our team of professionals will regularly update this blog with latest SEO trends, tips, techniques, ideas. Also we include free information about SEO Tools & Reports. Subscribe to our blog to receive all the SEO related updates. Comment your views on respective post, we are always glad to answer your queries more info >>