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Accurate Image, Inc. is a custom designer of high end house numbers. All of our house numbers are made to order using architectural-grade aluminum, bronze, copper, brass, steel and/or plastic. We design and ship house numbers for seasoned real estate investors and professionals as well as homeowners and do-it-yourselfers. Our installation kit helps you choose the right size for your home, plus a step-by-step guide for easy mounting. Choose from 100+ fonts to create a truly distinctive look for your home. You can build your custom house numbers on our interactive website or call our toll-free number for personalized assistance with placing your order. more info >>
GV Snowshoes has been producing high quality snowshoes since 1959. Our new snowshoes available that use new technology while keeping the tradition of snowshoes alive. Made of composite material and aluminum our snowshoes offer a light weight shoe for trekking over deep snow. GV Snowshoes differ from others in that they offer three new innovative ways to keep your trek as comfortable as possible. The High-Flex pivot allows you to move as though you were just wearing a shoe. The Energy Saver Soft allows our snowshoes to pivot and flex thus keeping the effort to move at a minimum. Our patented Energy Saver pivot system allows both of these to work together to make the snowshoe move along the snow without making those unnatural movements. For all your snowshoe needs visit us today. more info >>
Order our Verdi Pitch Tuning Forks online and return to the scientific tuning of the classical composers - C=256Hz, A=432 Hz, C=512 Hz. Our brand new, aluminum, 2 pronged naturally vibrating, American made tuning forks will keep you in tune. These musical forks are also used for medical research, healing, classrooms and more. Art and science, like politics, must be complementary, and not arbitrary. Having an arbitrary pitch of A=440 is like having a ond foot long ruler at 13 inches, because it "looks" or "feels" better! For the human singing voice, and for many ancient instruments, including the very old violins, and keyboards, the modern high tuning does not take physical laws into account and is therefore disastrous. Register breaks and poetic coloration occur will be at odds with the classical composers' original intent. Order one fork or all 3 as a set. more info >>
We are looking for any chance that we can work together in long term sincere biz cooperation partnership. We are a renowned multi-layer PCB manufacturer located in South China. Our local and export biz and experience to European and American countries have been successful for more than 15 years; we do understand what our customers’ needs and we are confident to provide you our multi-layer PCBs with good quality. All of our PCBs meet UL, IPC and RoHS internationally recognized standards, while our pricing is real reasonable with good quality of goods. What we can do as follows: 1) 2 to 16 mulit-layer PCBs, High-complex Boards with HDI laser drill, and 1 to 4-layer Aluminum or Copper based PCBs which comply to RoHS, IPC, UL requirements; 2) All kinds of surface treatment of H.A.S.L. lead-free, O.S.P., Gold plating, Immersion gold, immersion silver, Peelable mask, Gold finger, Carbon ink, etc.; 3) Prototypes of quick turn; High-mix order with middle or small volume. And We don`t have min. quantity requirement. We do look forward to working with you as a partner and providing you our professional PCB fabrication services in the long run. more info >>
Providers of mobile welding and metal fabrication services across Western Washington. Our AWS certified welding professionals have broad specialty in architectural, structural, commercial, and residential projects. We service commercial projects and construction, including schools, hospitals, office buildings, and government. We will travel to any job site. We also provide in-shop services for necessary projects. We specialize in steel, aluminum, sheet metal, welding for structures, architecture, residence, stairs, fences, ladders, platforms, piping. We service Olympia, Tacoma, Seattle, Everett, Bellevue, Bremerton, Issaquah, Auburn, Puyallup, Kent, Redmond, Centralia, Chehalis, Vancouver, Bellingham, Kirkland, Edmonds, Sammamish, Lakewood, Fort Lewis, and surrounding areas. more info >>