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Hiring a new employee can be a lot of work. Not only do you have to go through a number of different applicants, but you also have to pick the best person out of a bunch of applications. More often than not, employers hire the wrong applicant. This results in wasted time, money, and a repeat of the employee search process. At, you will find a new way of hiring an employee. This site features a way of finding an employee that can’t be beat. If you are tired of searching for employees through the same old manners, take a moment to check out the Hiring Store. more info >>
Educational Resources Catalog
The catalog presents an analysis of educational resources, posted on the Internet of interest to the school. The book presents more than 1,000 Internet resources, including official sites of the federal and regional education authorities, federal and regional information and education portals, sites, educational media, electronic versions of encyclopedias, dictionaries and reference tools for developing electronic educational resources and support for remote learning resources for students. The largest number of submitted Internet links devoted to main subjects of the program of basic and secondary (complete) general education. The publication includes guidelines for working with the catalog. Directory is addressed primarily to teachers and specialists of general secondary education. However, the educational resources that are referenced in the catalog will be useful for students, applicants, parents and all those who show interest in the development of the modern school. more info >>
Recruitment by working on the Russian market of online recruitment in 2000 and is a leader among resources, offering job search and personnel. The portal contains an extensive database of resumes and vacancies leading companies. offers job seekers and employers a range of information services: job search, resume search, resume writing help, advice for employers on working with a resume, sending jobs and much more. In the "Community", applicants can receive professional advice about their resumes and tips on how to make a resume more effective. Job search and search resumes can be made on a number of options, selecting the best resumes and vacancies. - a job for young professionals and experienced professionals working in Moscow and regions, working in multinational companies and small organizations. Summary of the portal may post as applicants interested in working with permanent employment and those seeking temporary employment or work part-time. Every day the site database is added to more than 80 000 resumes and more than 10 000 vacancies. More than 4.5 million people have already posted a summary on our portal. More than 400 000 companies, employers, looking at candidates' resumes, pick up with our help, the right people. more info >>
Joblocater are committed to give the best service to our clients. Our mission to be unique among other employment internet companies, with our efficient and professional handling of our clients , and using the best recruitment software available. We strife to always be efficient and professional and to be outstanding among our competitors as an agency with competitive standards, the best.. We will always deliver quality service and value for money with competitive charges for employers and recruiters. We are known in what we do best, which is: To bring the right people together, to work together. We will continue to using the best software and be creative in our ways, personal interest is important to us, as we are really interested in every individual person.. Joblocater wants to become the largest internet recruitment organization in South Africa. The Cost of wrong hiring to employers is more than the cost of not hiring at all, that is why we are so important to our clients. We believe that the right person in the right job always helps build a good working environment in the company. We provide effective credential verification service, resume`s are uploaded and shown to the companies depending on their requirements, which cancel the effect of hiring the wrong applicants. more info >>
networx was originally established in 2001 and since have become market leaders in the supply of online recruitment solutions. We will combine our extensive, professional, knowledge of recruitment with the very latest technology; to offer an award winning Candidate Attraction, Candidate Management and Recruitment Technology solution in a cost effective manner that will provide a first class candidate experience. networx is an innovative online recruitment support service. Our support covers the entire recruitment cycle from candidate sourcing, application, pre-selection and appointment management, all the way to campaign evaluation. When you choose to work with networx we guarantee that we will be absolutely 100% transparent. At any time you can find out each campaign is performing, this way you are always maintain control of your vacancies. With us you can save time, increase efficiency, reduce costs, have greater control and improve quality of your recruitment process. Using our online recruitment software, Apoint, you can self-manage your online recruitment. Apoint delivers both candidate-facing features including the ability to manage advertising, process applications, notifications and create appointments alongside comprehensive recruitment administration, management and reporting tools. Apoint will allow you to rapidly implement an integrated careers section for your company website and manage the entire recruitment process from your own dedicated login. Explore the potential for partnership with networx and discover how we can revolutionise your recruitment process today. more info >>