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Mosaic artwork has been around for centuries. Mosaic artists spend many hour creating mosaic masterpieces. Due to all the tiny pieces that make up a piece of mosaic art, some of these creations take years to complete. You can see some of the best mosaic art in the world by visiting This website features many mosaic works that are lovely and unique. If you love art of all kinds, you must take the time to view some mosaic artwork. Paintings and sculptures are great to look at, but mosaic artwork is something entirely different and unique. Visit for more information about mosaic artwork. more info >>
When you want to create marketing copy of any kind, why settle for the same old black and white look? Marketing materials really stand out when they are printed on colorful paper. The same is true for any business cards, brochures, posters, or other printable items that you want to create. Hiring an artist to create a caricature or unique logo is the best way to ensure that your company or party stands out. Vincent Yee is a Seattle-based artist who draws and designs original artwork. To vide his amazing cartoon sketches and other work, visit more info >>
Scotland Oils is made up of a husband and wife art team out of Kirkcaldy, Scotland. Their love for the arts and painting led them to open an online gallery store. In 2007 the team decided to bring their art to the world. The impeccable art they create is inspired by Scottish culture and landscapes. Offering hundreds of paintings of all things Scotland, we are sure to have a masterpiece for your home or office. Many people love to have and know their geneaology. Bring your heritage back from the past with our in-depth creation of your ancestry from our outstanding commissions. Resources to international paintings from up and coming artists are also available. With an eye for detail, we are sure to immortalize what your art forever. more info >>
The Chocolate Factory is a premiere recording studio located in London. Our team headed by Mick Wilson and Luke Pepper had a vision to create a recording studio to fit every artist’s needs. We don’t just cater to the rich and famous either. The idea of our studio is to bring all walks of life to record their music. With the highest quality sound recording and mastering devices available we want to make you heard. From years of experience we know that getting recorded can make or break you in the music industry. Beyond that, being recorded in a proper studio with the proper equipment can make all the difference on your track. We bring all of that to you at a price sure to meet any budget. Mastering your music whether your a star or up and comer can make your art a masterpiece. more info >>
MeridiArte - Italian Fine Art
At Meridi Arte, we offer resources to actual Italian painters that specialize in oil based paintings. Our artists have many beautiful paintings of dreamy Italian landscapes including Tuscany and so much more. The Italian countryside offers so much variety that you are sure to find that surreal painting for your home or office gallery. Our artists also create inspired oil painting of nude, subject, still life, view and many more types of art to satisfy your hunger for expression. Our art gallery is updated often to ensure you fresh ideas and painting for your gallery. Browse through our art and you are sure never to use another site again. more info >>